New York Rue Bread

This is a low-rising. vel}’ dense, flavorful/oaf just like you buy on the streets of New York. If you want a lighter. ffuffler loaf, add the vital wheat gluten. which is available at health food stores. The caraway can be adjusted to taste. water vegetable oil honey salt car;:rway seeds l)’e Hour bread flour vital gluten, optional dl)’ milk powder yeast Small Medium Large 7/8 cup 11/a cups 11/3 cups 1 tsp. 1113 tbs. I V1 tbs. 1112 tbs. 2 tbs. 21!2 tbs. 1/4 tsp. I tsp. I tsp. 2 tsp. I tbs. I tbs. I cup 11/3 cups 11/2 cups 1 :V4 cups 21/4 cups 2

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Donna Rathmell German


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