Food for Soul


Probably 8-10 pounds of shrimp
3 bags of red new potatos
around 20 spicey sausage links
15 ears of corn
2 videllia onions
4 bags of Zataran’s Shrimp and Crab Boil
4 Budweisers
Old Bay
4 Lemons

I usually have leftovers but like to give everyone a sausage, an ear of corn and about a half pound of shrimp. That way nobody eats all of one thing and leaves others without.

The Zataran’s, salt, Old Bay, halfed lemons and Budweisers are to add to the water in the pot for flavor. I like to grill my sausage before hand, let it cool and cut it into bite sized pieces. Cut the corn in 3rds. Quarter the potatos, Quarter the onion (more for flavor) I add potatos first for 15 minutes. Then sausage, corn and onion for 10 to 15. Then the shrimp for around 3 minutes. Blythe1022

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