What are the benefits of eating Apple, banana and lettuce?

What are the benefits of eating Apple, banana, and lettuce?


The fiber in apples is great because it acts like a sponge inside the arteries, helping to eliminate cholesterol. It is an antacid, activates the liver and dissolves the uric acid that retains fluid. There are many diets in the world that are based on the consumption of apples.


You see, a fruit that is so common in our country, the banana, reduces anxiety and helps ensure a restful sleep. It is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium and biotin. Bananas also provide the biggest boost because they have vitamin B6, which produces energy.


To avoid irritation and feelings of sadness, the best thing is a good LETTUCE salad. Lettuce stems contain lactucin, a substance that acts as a sedative. And even more, it is rich in phosphate, which in the absence of it in the body causes depression, mental confusion and fatigue.

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