Panettone od 750 g (u zagradi pišem za 1000 g)

85 ml mlijeka (120)
2 jaja (3)
160 g putra (210)
1 žličica soli
70 g šećera (90)
ribana korica limuna
390 g glatkog brašna (530)
2,5 žličice suhog kvasca (3,5)

It is baked on program 4 (Moulinex xxl baker). After half an hour, the baker beeps, so I add candied fruit and raisins marinated in rum (without rum). Almonds can also be added. They write the measures in the recipe, but I put it to my liking. It suits me that it is on the weakest cover (because I was overcooked when I put it on medium) .

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