Cone Cake – New Year’s Special Recipe

Cone Cake – New Year’s Special Recipe –
Cocoa rice cakes and just a few basic ingredients are enough to make delicious pine cones. You can also prepare this recipe for New Year’s Eve by having fun together with your children.
Ingredients for Cone Cake Recipe
250 grams of rice cakes with cocoa
4 tablespoons of honey
80 grams of dark chocolate
50 grams of margarine
1/2 cup sesame
For service:
1 tablespoon of powdered sugar
The Tip of the Cone Cake Recipe
To give the cake the shape of a pine cone; Using the space behind the lemon squeezer, you can use it as a squeezer mold.To prevent the mixture from sticking to the back of the lemon squeezer, use a clean plastic bag, not cling film. This cause paste mixture to stick.

How to Make Cone Cake Recipe?
In a large steel pot, melt the margarine, honey and dark chocolate over low heat.

After roasting the sesame in a separate pot, add the roasted sesame seeds into the other ingredients.

After all the ingredients in the pan are melted, add the rice cakes and mix well.

Cover the bottom of the mixture and wait until the mixture is cold enough to take shape.

Turn the back of the lemon squeezer and place a thick nylon on the empty part and place it tightly in the mold while the material is warm.

When you turn the lemon squeezer used as a mold and take it out, the cake will take the shape of a pine cone.

You can sift the powdered sugar on it and share the cakes you decorate with pine leaves and cones with your loved ones.


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