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Christmas cake

Christmas cake
200 g dark chocolate

160 g unsalted butter

160 g sugar

4 spoons of flour

4 eggs

Melt the chocolate with butter in a double boiler. [The chocolate and butter you choose change the taste of this cake a lot, you wouldn’t believe it.
After the chocolate and butter are melted, add sugar and flour, respectively. Then add the egg yolk, but set aside for a while to cool slightly before adding, otherwise the eggs may cook.
[Generally, cake makers tend to cut down some ingredients to make them less calorie. If you are going to cut it in this recipe, maybe you can reduce the amount of butter a little. When you cut down on the chocolate, the taste gets lost. When I cut down on sugar, you say, “Hmm, it’s a little sugar free.” Never reduce the egg, you want a thousand witnesses to call whatever you have as cake.]
Pour the mixture into the cake tin and bake in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes, or longer depending on the power of your oven. If you are making it in a muffin bowl, 15 -18 minutes. You can take out of the oven and enjoy your cake when it becomes unstuck when the knife stabs.
The sweet white wine Monbazillac, which the French sell only during Christmas time, goes unbelievably with this cake.

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