Banana Coffee Cake For Christmas

Banana Coffee Cake For Christmas
Ingredients For Coffee And Banana Cake Recipe
400 g catnip biscuit
For syrup

3 glasses of hot water
3 tablespoons of granulated coffee
For the cream

150 g mascarpone cheese
60 g granulated sugar
150 ml milk
250 ml cream
1 tablespoon of granulated coffee
For between and over
How To Make Coffee And Banana Cake?
To prepare the syrup, mix the granulated coffee with hot water and let it melt well.
For cream, whisk the mascarpone cheese, granulated sugar, milk and cream. Add the granulated coffee. Moisten the biscuits with the syrup you have prepared and place them on the base and perpendicularly to the edges of a clamp round cake mold. Spread the mascarpone cheese cream over it.
Place the thinly sliced ​​bananas on the cream. Place one more line of catnip biscuits soaked in syrup on the bananas, spread the cream again and place the banana slices. Repeat the same process until your cream is finished with cream on the top layer.
Leave it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Serve cold by decorating with banana slices.
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