Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies

Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies
These Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies are delicious and although they look rather impressive.
Just use your traditional sugar cookie recipe, pick your favorite, nothing fancy.
Whip up the dough and then divide it into even sections. I divided mine into three sections since I wanted my cookies to have three colors.
Then put each section of cookie dough in its own bowl. Make a little volcano on the top of the ball of dough and squirt in plenty of food coloring.
Now, don’t be shy, dig your hands in and work that food coloring through the dough.
Add more if you need, I added a lot since I wanted my colors really vibrant.
Don’t worry about food coloring on your hands. Mine looked stained after I was done but then it washed right off. I think it must be all the butter in the cookie recipe.
So butter is good for more than just making things taste yummy!!
Wrap each piece of cookie dough in plastic wrap; refrigerate until chilled enough to roll out.
Get some wax paper and tear off a good size piece. Mine was probably 18 inches long.
Roll each ball of dough out pretty flat and as even as you can. Each ball of dough will need its own piece of wax paper.
When all your dough is rolled out flat, even and approximately the same size, decide what color order you want your cookies layered.
Place one color right over the top of another using the wax paper to transport your dough.
You might want to grab your hubby or child for this part. You can do it with 2 hands, but 4 is definitely easier.
Your stack’o’dough will still be on a piece of wax paper. Turn the dough so the long side is facing you and roll it up. Then roll the wax paper over the top to cover it. Make sure to fold the ends over. The wax paper keeps your dough from drying out.
Put your roll’o’dough into the fridge until it is hard. Once it is hard, you can take it out, unroll the wax paper and using a straight edge knife cut the dough off in slices.
These are your cookies! You can roll the edges in sprinkles if you want, totally optional but super cute!
Place them in the oven on a Cookies sheet and bake them according to your sugar cookies’ recipe.
There you have it, easy peasy lemon squeezy!!
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