Grain Salad in Pepper Halves

Grain Salad in Pepper Halves –

1 cup cooked quinoa or barley
3 tablespoons crumbled feta
3 tablespoons toasted pumpkin
2 tablespoons mayonnaise, or
more as desired
1 large sweet bell pepper, split
in half lengthwise and
Red leaf lettuce for plating
Snipped cilantro leaves for
Many different cultures claim originating stuffed peppers as an
entrée, and you can find delicious versions of it, especially in
the Middle East. Often ground meat is the main filling, but this
version uses the protein powerhouse, quinoa, as the main
filling. Note that you may use a red, green, or yellow/orange

  1. Stir together the quinoa, feta, pumpkin seeds, and mayonnaise.
    Gently spoon the quinoa mixture into the pepper halves, packing it
    down if necessary to prevent spilling. Set aside.
  2. Line 2 individual serving plates with the lettuce. Place the pepper
    halves onto the lettuce, garnish each portion with cilantro leaves,
    and serve.

Serves 2,
340 calories,
18g fat,
38g carbohydrates,
9g protein,
240mg sodium,
4g fiber.

Alexandra Greeley-The Everything Guide to Being Vegetarian


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