Veggie soup recipes

We eat these all the time:

Carrot and Coriander – dice 2 onions and 4/5 carrots and sweat in a pan. Add 700ml or so of vegetable stock and simmer for half an hour. Chuck a bit of coriander in with ten minutes to go if you have it (it tastes just as nice without) and add a bit of single cream if you like. Blend.

Tomato and Red Pepper – de-skin (leave in boiling water for a few minutes) 6 tomatoes and remove seeds. De-seed and chop a red pepper and roast it with the tomato bits and a couple of cloves of garlic. Chop onion and sweat in a pan. Add tomato/pepper and add 700ml veg stock, simmer for half an hour, add a bit of cream if you like and blend. DH likes this with cayenne pepper in but the pepper adds enough flavour if you aren’t keen on spice.

Broccoli and Stilton – chop onion and a celery stick or two and sweat in a pan. Add a litre of veg stock and simmer. Chop a head of broccoli and add the stalk bits at this point. After 20 minutes add the broccoli ‘tree’ bits and simmer for ten more minutes. Blend and return to the pan to gently melt the Stilton in (as much as you like but the more you add the saltier it gets so keep tasting).


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