Veggie soup recipes

Chop one red onion, one fresh chilli, one peeled 2cm piece of fresh ginger and four cloves of garlic and sauté in a glug of oil and pinch of salt. Add two diced sweet potatoes (skin on), one punnet of fresh shiitake mushrooms, and two handfuls of goji berries. Pour over 500ml of vegetable stock and cook until the potato has softened, then blend.

I also added a bit of hot chilli powder and cumin and there was a bit of heat but both DH and I could have easily had an extra chilli. I had mine as soup but added prawns and spinach to DH’s and he had it as a curry with some rice (it’s quite thick). It ends up brown and isn’t the most visually appetising thing in the world but the flavours are good, it’s pretty tasty!


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