Sugarless, gluten-free orange cake

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Totally yum, amd very pretty, especially if you top it with blood oranges.

Wash and zest a large orange, then simmer it in water for 90 mins. Add 150g dried apricots (unsulphured) and boil for another 5 mins, then drain and purée.

In a big bowl, mix 100g chopped dried apricots, 2tbsp olive oil, 6 eggs, 2 tsp baking powder, the zest from the orange, and 250g ground almonds. Add the orange/apricot purée and mix well.

Bake for 50 mins at 170, in a greased and floured tin. While it’s cooling, peel and slice two small sweet oranges (preferably blood oranges), and heat the slices gently with a little maple syrup before arranging them on top of the cake.


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