Desserts – Easy Lemon Ice Cream

This lusciously refreshing ice cream is perfect for summer and very easy to make.
Serves: 4
Prep time: 10 mins, plus freezing

3 large lemons, preferably unwaxed
175g icing sugar
420ml double cream
3 tbsp iced water

Grate the zest from 2 of the lemons.
Squeeze the juice of all 3 lemons and pour into a bowl with the zest and sugar.
Stir to combine and leave for 30 minutes to allow the flavour to develop.
Whisk the cream with the water until it holds soft peaks, then whisk in the sweetened lemon juice.
Turn into a shallow container, cover and freeze until firm (no need to stir to break up the crystals). This will take from 3-6 hours depending on your freezer.
Transfer the ice cream in its container to the fridge 30 minutes before serving to soften slightly.



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