12 ways to strengthen your nails at home without using expensive products

During a period when it is cold outside, and heat is created in apartments with the help of heating, our hair, skin and nails begin to suffer from a lack of moisture. Shiny and beautiful nails at the tip of the fingers always emphasize the overall beauty of the hands, so all women, without exception, strive to have healthy, elongated, beautifully designed nails with impeccable manicure. But it is difficult to achieve what you want if they are weak, brittle, dry, delaminations, chips and cracks appear. The problem of brittle nails can be not only female, but also male, and be the result of both improper care and diseases – psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections, anemia, lichen.

There are many different ways (expensive and not very expensive) to maintain health and beauty, but natural recipes remain the most affordable in terms of time and price at all times.

Known to absolutely everyone, proven by experience, useful ingredients for home care, despite their availability, are quite effective means, give quick results, help keep nails healthy, strong, beautiful.

Without wasting time, we choose the most suitable for ourselves and be sure to start making them!

This is 12 ways to strengthen your nails at home without using expensive products.

Olive oil with lemon juice
By themselves, these products are simply invaluable for maintaining beauty and youth, they are often used in home recipes to solve various problems on the skin, hair, nails. Their combination is the most effective remedy for dryness and brittle nails. Olive oil penetrates well into the cuticle of the nail, helping to restore and strengthen, and lemon gives the nail surface a pleasant shine, strengthens it, and removes ugly yellowness. Olive oil with lemon

To strengthen nails, you need to mix olive oil (3 tablespoons) with lemon juice (1 tablespoon), heat a little in the microwave. Massage each nail with warm oil, at the end, dip all fingers into the mixture for 20 minutes. Without rinsing, remove the oil from your hands with a paper towel, put on thin, simple gloves, and leave overnight. Rinse off in the morning and see how your hands have changed.

Coconut Oil
Pure coconut oil is one of the most versatile body care products. For nails, nourishing coconut oil works as an amazing moisturizer, preventing various types of damage. Massaging the nail plate with coconut oil significantly improves blood circulation, making them stronger, healthier and even longer in the future.coconut oil

To rub the oil, it must first be slightly warmed up, massaging each nail for 5 minutes. For fast results, do it twice a day.

E-Vitamin and Tea Tree Oil The oil’s
strong antiseptic properties have earned it a reputation as a popular remedy for a wide range of skin and nail problems. It helps treat brittle nails caused by fungal infections while providing fast results. Since the oil is a powerful natural remedy, it cannot be used in its pure form. tea tree oil

First you need to mix olive oil (0.5 tablespoons) with tea tree oil (5-6 drops). Rub the mixture on the nails, leave for half an hour. Rinse hands under running warm water, dry, lubricate with a moisturizer. You can cure nails in this way in a month if done 2 times a day.

One of the main causes of brittle nails is insufficient moisture in them. Vitamin E guarantees hydration to the nail plate, and also nourishes the cuticle with useful substances.

To enhance the healing properties of tea oil, vitamin E can be added to it. Such a rubbing composition will not only make the nails healthier, but will successfully treat the fungus and any existing infections.
You can also rub only vitamin E capsules into the nail plate before going to bed. With daily use, the results will not keep you waiting, soon you will be able to enjoy noticeable changes for the better in your hands.

You can sometimes replace tea tree oil with almond oil or jojoba oil, which are also very good for nails. To do this, they need to be mixed with an equal amount of olive oil, and then rubbed into the nail plate (several times a day). Let the oil soak in, rinse off.

For strengthening, you can use the widest range of home remedies. Fragrant and effective herbal mixtures work great for a beautiful manicure. Immediately after several applications, the nail plate becomes thicker and stronger.

Aloe with olive oil
I love and believe in the power of Aloe so much that I always prefer it to other plants. Aloe Vera perfectly treats the whole body, including the miraculous effect on the nails.aloe

To restore brittle nails, add olive oil (4-5 drops) to Aloe gel (30 grams). After mixing, apply to nails and leave to absorb. Repeat steps until you get the desired result.

Wheat-olive tea

Prepare herbal tea by pouring boiling water (1 cup) chamomile and mint (1 teaspoon each). Let it brew for 2 hours and strain. Add olive oil (1 teaspoon) and wheat flour (2 tablespoons) to it. Mix well and coat each nail thoroughly. Leave for 1 hour, rinse with water. Within a week, you can repeat the session, treat until the desired results are achieved.

Horsetail tincture, rosemary for weak nails
Horsetail is a rich source of some essential minerals for the body, such as calcium, iron, manganese. It contains tannins, flavonoids, fatty acids necessary for growing strong and healthy nails. Horsetail helps to remove white spots and infections. horsetail

It is recommended to prepare the infusion as follows. Pour dry grass (2 tablespoons) with boiling water, let it brew for 10 minutes. After a slight cooling, immerse the fingers for 20 minutes. Dry and rub a little olive oil into the nails. Do it in a day.

In the same way, you can prepare an infusion of rosemary. After mixing the grass with boiling water in the above quantities, let it boil a little, cool. Keep the pens in the warm mixture for 30 minutes.

Lemon juice

Above, I have already talked about the benefits of lemon, olive oil for nails. Pure lemon juice can also be used to strengthen brittle nails. It wonderfully heals the nail plate from dryness, roughness and nicks caused by the use of nail polish remover, which we certainly cannot do without.

Add squeezed juice from a whole lemon to a glass of water, soak a gauze cloth in it and, massaging lightly, wipe each fingernail with it. After drying, after 10 minutes, rinse with cold water. Repeat every other day for a month.

Garlic and onion for strengthening nails

Despite the specific smell of the two products, they can also be used on weekends to improve nails, especially since we usually spend most of the day in the kitchen. Take a short break to keep your nails healthy.

To do this, cut the onion in half and, having made indentations in half, lower your fingers and nails into them for a quarter of an hour. Then just rinse and rub with a slice of lemon.

To use garlic, you need to peel 5-6 cloves, cut into slices and put in water (0.5 stack.). Let it brew a little, then dip your fingertips into it for 20 minutes.

cucumber juice

Squeeze the juice from a fresh cucumber and dip your fingers into it, or stick your fingertips into the pulp of a cucumber cut in half. It is recommended to repeat the procedure daily for a week.

Beer, apple cider vinegar, milk

  1. Beer is not only the favorite drink of millions of people, but also an excellent home remedy for skin and hair care. It contains potassium, phosphorus and selenium, which are of great importance for the health of nails and hair. In an unusual combination with olive oil and apple cider vinegar, beer is a great way to treat brittle nails. beer

To a quarter cup of warm olive oil, add this amount of apple cider vinegar and half a glass of beer. Soak your fingers for 15 minutes. Repeat every three days until the desired result. It’s quick, easy, and allows you to use leftover beer (if that happens, of course!).

  1. Apple cider vinegar is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are essential for strengthening nails. It also helps fight nail infections.
    To use as a strengthening agent, you need to mix an equal amount of vinegar and water, dip your fingers into the mixture for 10 minutes. It can also be used on the following days. If you do such baths daily for a month, you will see that the nails become stronger and thicker.
  2. As you know, milk is rich in calcium and proteins, which also help strengthen nails. Milk provides whitening, intensive moisturizing for the nail plate, prevents its peeling and splitting.

To improve the nails, it is necessary to beat the yolk, mix with milk (2 tablespoons). Rub the mixture thoroughly into the nails, leave for half an hour, rinse with warm water.

In addition to any of the described means, you need to follow some general rules for nail care.

  1. Use nail polish remover without ingredients that harm nails.
  2. Drink plenty of clean water during the day.
  3. Eat foods with a high content of calcium and proteins, vitamins A and E. Brittle nails always indicate an insufficiently balanced diet and a stressful lifestyle.
  4. Do not keep your hands in the water for a long time. Always wear gloves to protect your hands when cleaning and washing dishes. Do not leave your hands in hot water for a long time.
  5. At night, rub petroleum jelly into the nails – an excellent moisturizer and wear thin cotton gloves.
  6. Correctly, file nails in one direction to avoid delamination.
  7. Do not bite your nails, do not use them as an auxiliary tool. for healthy nails
    How to strengthen nails? Choose from any of the options provided. Soak your nails in oil baths, dip in herbal infusions, rub with lemon and vegetables, take care of them with love and they will always delight you with the shine of a strong strong nail plate. Pamper yourself with home treatments and be charmingly beautiful!


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