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Whiteout Cake

Whiteout Cake  MAKES 1 CAKE; SERVES 20  A blizzard of marshmallow petals coated in glittering white sugar and dotted with pearlized candies makes this layer cake a spectacular finish to a holiday meal. And because the flowers can be made ahead of time, it is also a perfect DIY wedding cake. 

cup white decorating sugar (see Sources) 
12 marshmallows 
125 mini marshmallows (one 10.5-ounce bag) 
cup white candy melting wafers (Wilton) 
recipes Almost-Homemade Vanilla Buttercream ([>]) 
recipe Perfect Cake Mix ([>]), made with devil’s food cake, baked in two 8-inch round and one 5½-inch round pans (see Sources) 
86 white candy pearls (see Sources) 

 1.For the flowers, place the white decorating sugar in a medium bowl. Make the petals for the large flowers by cutting the large marshmallows crosswise into 5 thin slices, allowing the pieces to fall into the sugar. Shake the bowl and press the cut sides of the marshmallows into the sugar to coat. Make the petals for the small flowers by cutting the mini marshmallows in half on the diagonal, then coat in sugar as above. Remove the sugared marshmallow petals and store in an airtight container.

Line three cookie sheets with waxed paper. Place the white candy melts in a ziplock bag (do not seal the bag). Microwave for 10 sec- onds to soften, massage the wafers in the bag, return to the mi- crowave, and repeat the process until smooth, about 30 seconds. Press out the excess air and seal the bag. Snip a small (⅛-inch) corner from the bag. For the large flowers, pipe a dot of melted candy about the size of a dime onto the waxed paper and arrange 5 large marshmallow slices, sugared side up, in the shape of a flower in the dot of melted candy (see photo). Repeat to make 12 flowers. Refrigerate for 5 minutes, or until the candy is set. For the small flowers, pipe a dot of melted candy the size of a bean onto the waxed paper. Arrange 5 mini marshmallow pieces, sugared side up, in the shape of a flower on top of the melted candy. Repeat to make 50 flowers. Refrigerate for 5 minutes, or until the candy is set.

The flowers can be made up to this point and stored in an airtight container for up to 1 week.) 3.Spoon ¼ cup of the vanilla frosting into a ziplock bag. Place one 8- inch cake layer on a work surface. Use toothpicks around the outer edge of the cake to mark the cake into 3 layers. Cut the cake hori- zontally into layers with a serrated knife, using the toothpicks as a guide. Repeat with the other 8-inch cake. Cut the smaller cake into 4 layers. 4.Transfer one 8-inch cake layer to a serving platter. Spread a scant ⅓ cup of the remaining vanilla frosting on top of the cake. Place another layer on top and repeat the process 4 times, ending with frosting, to make 6 layers. Spread a thin coating of vanilla frosting on the side of the cake to smooth. Place a 5½-inch cake layer on a serving plate. Spread a scant ¼ cup vanilla frosting on top. Place another layer of cake on top and repeat the process 2 times, ending with frosting, to make 4 layers. Spread a thin coating of vanilla frost- ing on the side of the cake to smooth and fill any gaps. Refrigerate both cakes until set, about 1 hour. 5.Place the small cake on top of the large cake. Spread the remaining vanilla frosting on top of the cake and smooth. Snip a small corner from the bag with the vanilla frosting. Carefully peel the large and small flowers from the waxed paper. Arrange the flowers as desired on the top and sides of the cake, adding some vanilla frosting, if necessary, to secure. Pipe small dots of vanilla frosting in the cen- ter of the flowers and add the pearl candies, using 3 for each large flower and 1 for each small flower.

Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, My!

By Karen Tack and Alan Richardson

picture By Lana_M

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