Avocados and Cholesterol Control 

Avocados and Cholesterol Control –
Brazilian research has shown that daily avocados play an important role in lowering cholesterol.

People have a negative image of avocados: “Avocados are very fatty, they will worsen your cholesterol”, say some, “Avocados are fatter”, say others. Avocado is caloric, yes, it has a high energy value, because every 100 g of fruit has 160 calories.

Nevertheless, it is a food that should not be missing in the diet of athletes because it contains a high level of polyphenols, potassium and other valuable nutrients. Not to mention a recent study that showed avocados lower total cholesterol.

Avocados and Cholesterol Control 

A report by Globo Repórter showed a Brazilian study conducted on avocados in which military police were volunteers.

Participants’ blood samples were taken before and after the research period. During the research, the soldiers had to eat avocados every day. Small avocado: half in the morning, half for lunch.

The study concluded that avocados are very helpful in controlling cholesterol, as 99% of police officers who participated in the study had an improvement in HDL (‘good cholesterol’), which fights against LDL ‘bad cholesterol’. The final effect was a reduction in total cholesterol.
According to the nutrologist who conducted the research, two tablespoons of avocado a day is an ideal measure to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, because it is as good for the body as extra virgin olive oil. cholesterol control.

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