Herbal and fruit tea

There are four basic types of true tea, which differ in the way the leaves after harvest, with the main criterion distinguishes the degree of oxidation. These are black, green, white and tea. Fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds of, roots and fruits of various medicinal plants. These teas are prepared mainly by a particular part of the plant pour hot water and leave to stand for various lengths of time, depending on the plant species, the strength of taste and curative properties that wants to achieve. Fresh plant requires less sinking, while the dried extracted a little longer. Cooking herb is not recommended for conservation of medicinal ingredients, especially if it contains essential oils, as is the case with chamomile, mint … Herbal and fruit teas do not contain caffeine, but they have a lot of precious ingredients and have remarkable curative properties. Tea from the leaves and flowers of the plant are preparing overflow hot water, while drinks made from roots and seeds usually immersed in cold water, heated to boiling and cook until liquid evaporates third.

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