Water Facts

Water Facts –

Water is  most important for human health. It is necessary for the body to function and to resist diseases. It should be abundantly used as a positive effect on our health. It is used for drinking and for the maintenance of general and personal hygiene.

Abundant water should be used as a beverage between meals.
Our blood is made up of 90% water and our body resembles a machine that works on the principle of water use.

We need to make sure that the water you drink is clean and healthy. If necessary, the water should be previously boiled. The amount of water we drink during the day, to a large extent depends on the type of food you’ve eaten that day, and even from our diet. If our diet consists mostly of processed food that does not contain a lot of liquid, it is natural that we spend more than two liters of water a day. If you like salty, angry, sour, oily and very spicy foods, we also drink plenty of water, because these foods requires a lot of fluids.

On the other hand, food that contains lots of liquids (fruit and vegetables in fresh condition) does not require as much water as cooked and processed foods, as it is already entering its body has a certain amount of liquid. In any case, do not drink during the day less than one liter of clean water, and preferably drink more. Try the fresh and raw foods in the form of fruit salad and vegetable salad, as well as in the form of juices become part of your daily diet.

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Water use
Water should not be drunk during the meal because it slows digestion, and should not be consumed immediately or after a meal. Two hours after a meal is a time when we drink water, and how we want until the next meal. In any case we must not drink cold water during meals because the food taken at the same time adversely affects the secretion of the salivary glands. If the water is colder, the more damaging to the stomach. The water will stop the digestion until the body fails to provide sufficient stomach heat needed to resume their work. Eat slowly, and allow the food to be mixed with saliva. Water taken with meals reduces the secretion of gastric juices and dilute acids needed for digestion.


Water is very much needed to our body, but only if it is entered correctly. The body then we will be so grateful that we care about him. Amount of water of two liters per day should be properly and evenly throughout the day and in the evening is not to be taken so that we could get a good and peaceful sleep. Otherwise, the night will go to the toilet. Tea, juice or milk, and many other drinks are not the same as the water they need to be digested. We drink the water in the amount that is necessary to our body and we will see great results.

If you sprained leg, immediately place it in cold water (but only in the first 24 h. Then put warm compresses). This will prevent swelling and relieve pain.

If you get burnt, immediately immerse the injured area in cold water. (It was a common belief.) Cold water prevents severe pain, stop the destruction of tissue and speeds up recovery (but, of course, in severe cases, immediately go to a doctor).

A warm bath for your feet remarkably for cleaning headaches, because it dilates blood vessels in the legs and also normalizes blood pressure.

Taking a shower with warm water will help you if you have a high fever.
When someone in your family gets sick or has a fever, you can help by placing tiles on the skin. The ill person will feel better, because in this way slowly come to cooling. This is an easy way to lift the temperature.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO NOT sufficient quantities of water in you?
Leads to loss of appetite, headaches, problems with digestion, reduced concentration, nervousness. Water is necessary for the joints and acts as a cushion that protects the body from injury incurred as a result of shock. Water softens contact between the internal organs. Water feeds, washes and refreshes body. Entering water organism in sufficient amounts to preventing the development of intestinal bacteria and reduces the likelihood of process  in the intestine. Let us knowledge of the exceptional benefits that encourage water as correctly as possible, more diverse and higher use


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