Spinach Health benefits

Spinach Health benefits –

Spinach is seasonal vegetables
Spinach contains within it some calories and a lot of useful ingredients.
Spinach contains a lot of medicinal ingredients, and low in calories, and as an antioxidant beneficial effect on the treatment of some diseases and ailments:
• allergies
• anemia
• diseases of the teeth and oral cavity
• Eye diseases
• Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
• bronchitis
• headache and fatigue
• dermatitis
• degeneration of muscle
• depression
• diabetes
• diet,
• eczema
• Skin Disease
• Macular Degeneration
• stroke
• some cancers
• infertility
• hair loss
• Recovery of pregnant women
• osteoartitis
• osteoporosis
• a beneficial effect on the liver
• anticoagulant
• regulate blood pressure
• regulating the urinary tract
• regulates digestion
• Regulation of overweight
• itching
• stress
• pregnancy
• sprains and strains
• herpes
• cellulite
• boils and pimples
• stroke
The latest research found that spinach inhibits the aging process. Spinach among others strengthens the nerves, hair and skin. Spinach is not recommended for kidney patients.


Wash the fresh spinach, cut it and place it in a deep bowl. Pour the brine from the jar of black olives over the spinach. Mix very well. You can also do this in a plastic bag: put the spinach, pour in the liquid and shake well, after tying the bag tightly. When the spinach leaves are saturated with the brine, drain the liquid from them, put the spinach in a salad bowl. Salt is usually no longer needed. Pour over a mixture of balsamic vinegar (1 tablespoon) and olive oil (2-3 tablespoons). Sprinkle feta cubes on top.


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