Chocolate cake with hazelnuts

Chocolate cake with hazelnuts –

First cook  filling for chocolate cake with hazelnuts to cool while preparing the rest. Pudding dilute in 2 ounces of milk, put the remaining milk to boil, add the dissolved pudding and thick cream. Get cream from top, add the boiling fractured chocolate cream and stir until the chocolate melts. Margarine creamy whip with powdered sugar, connect it with chocolate, chilled cream and mix well.

While filling cools you prepare the crust for chocolate cake with hazelnut. hazelnuts fry and grind. Connect hazelnuts and ground biscuits, and the gradual filling of a pail of thick peach juice stir until a smooth batter.
The smaller, rectangular mold insert mixture of biscuit and hazelnut, align the base and slightly press to get the crust. Over put cold chocolate cream, brush cake with egg cream and sprinkle with the chopped, toasted hazelnuts. Leave the chocolate cake with hazelnut few hours to become one, cut it on the chipping and serve

Credit:Thibault Renard

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