White radish salad

Ingredients leek Garlic (young) olive oil apple cider vinegar Salt and pepper preparation 1 radish peel and coarse grated. 2 leeks and garlic wash, chop finely and add radishes. 3 Mix the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and pour over vegetables, stir and serve in the fridge to let it stand. 4 P. With theContinue reading “White radish salad”


Spinach is seasonal vegetables Spinach contains within it some calories and a lot of useful ingredients. effect. Spinach contains a lot of medicinal ingredients, and low in calories, and as an antioxidant beneficial effect on the treatment of some diseases and ailments: • allergies • anemia • diseases of the teeth and oral cavity •Continue reading “Spinach”


Water is one of the most important ingredients for human health. It is necessary for the body to function and to resist diseases. It should be abundantly used as a positive effect on our health. It is used for drinking and for the maintenance of general and personal hygiene. Abundant water should be used asContinue reading “Water”

Pie with cheese

Ingredients for 5 servings: 10 medium crust or crust pie (it’s about 500 g) 1 cup (yogurt) flour 1 cup (yogurt) oil 1 cup yogurt 1 baking powder 3 eggs 200 g cheese Cosy production and consumption. First, make a mixture by the 3 egg whites whip dreams, which are added to flour, oil, yogurtContinue reading “Pie with cheese”

Sacher cake

ingredients 4 eggs 100 g of sugar 60 g melted chocolate 60 g flour 1 teaspoon cocoa powder 60g butter apricot jam frosting 100 g of chocolate 3 tablespoons oil preparation Mix creamy whites with sugar, add egg yolks, melted chocolate and butter. Finally carefully Fold flour mixed with cocoa. All fine equalize and pourContinue reading “Sacher cake”

Chocolate cake with hazelnuts

Preparation 1 First cook  filling for chocolate cake with hazelnuts to cool while preparing the rest. Pudding dilute in 2 ounces of milk, put the remaining milk to boil, add the dissolved pudding and thick cream. Get cream from top, add the boiling fractured chocolate cream and stir until the chocolate melts. Margarine creamy whipContinue reading “Chocolate cake with hazelnuts”

Herbal and fruit teas

  There are four basic types of true tea, which differ in the way the leaves after harvest, with the main criterion distinguishes the degree of oxidation. These are black, green, white tea. Tea of fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds of, roots and fruits of various medicinal plants. These teas are prepared mainly byContinue reading “Herbal and fruit teas”